Do your health events reach the right audience? Do the conversations in the room include all of the important voices? Are you confident that you are using social media and new technology to its full potential?

Welcome to Beyond The Room; a digital conference service that will:

  • Create a buzz (before, during and after your event)
  • Extend your reach and amplify the conversation
  • Facilitate a democratic conversation and actively involve a diverse online audience
  • Convene a bespoke team of social reporters who bring specialist knowledge and credibility to the debate
  • Create a legacy (permanent digital record of your event)
  • Evaluate what we do and report on impact

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Phone, email, tweet us now to talk about your event!
Phone, email, tweet us now to talk about your event!


Over 10 million Twitter impressions in less than an hour. This team certainly know how to reach a big audience!

Thanks #BeyondTheRoom! The live podcasting really helped me join in with the conference conversations today.

For all those hosting events in the health and care space wanting to connect #BeyondTheRoom, I recommend this fab team!

Wow! Employing #BeyondTheRoom for our event brought a 4-fold increase in our Twitter reach.

Great work #BeyondTheRoom today at #pddigital16 – steadfastly determined to amplify conversations outside online – great idea for events!

What really struck me about yesterday were the personal stories. On topics like this, where information is hard to source, it clearly helps some people to be able to engage in a less visible way.

If you’re organising a conference related to mental health, it’s worth considering going #BeyondTheRoom with The Mental Elf: an innovative blogging/tweeting service to extend the reach of your meeting.


Live coverage of your health event

We offer a flexible range of services to suit your requirements. We prefer to start working with you a few weeks before the event, so we can hit the ground running on the day.

Our services include:

  1. Live tweeting: opening up the event discussion to as wide and varied an audience as possible; including tweet chats, hashtag registration and analytics.
  2. Live blogging: evidence-based summaries of research being presented at your event, disseminated via our major international blogging platform – the National Elf Service.
  3. Live podcasting: recording short audio interviews with people at the event and sharing them online. These are hosted on our Soundcloud page and added to our podcast feed. The aim here is to give a flavour of the less formal/conversational parts of the event; something people obviously miss if they don’t attend in person.
  4. Live video streaming: videoing talks, debates and other conference sessions and live streaming them on YouTube so people can watch and join the discussion via Twitter.
  5. Live graphic reporting: graphic illustration, cartoons and sketches to capture your event and support the feedback of talks and group work.

Health and Social Care: working in partnership

Our Beyond the Room service has initially focused on mental health events, but our networks extend well beyond this into social care, evidence-based healthcare, primary care and a number of other clinical areas.

If you are organising an event that focuses on a specific clinical area or population, please contact us and we can discuss what we can do for you.


Phone, email, tweet us now to talk about your event!
Phone, email, tweet us now to talk about your event!


#ImFineSW perinatal mental health training, South West, Jun 2017

Perinatal mental health problems are constantly in the top 3 causes of maternal death. Mental illness in a mother has implications for her, her baby and her wider family and yet commonly when a woman in difficulty sees a health professional she minimises or denies problems – often due to shame, fear, guilt and hopelessness. …

#EvidenceLive Better Evidence for Better Healthcare Oxford, 21-22 Jun 2017

EvidenceLive is the annual gathering of clinicians, researchers, policy makers and publishers who share a commitment to closing the gap between research and practice. The 2017 conference brought together an unusually varied programme of speakers including Ben Goldacre, Mary Dixon-Woods, Simon Denegri, Doug Altman and Mukesh Kapila. The EBM manifesto aims to improve the implementation …

#Tizard2017 Public mental health for children and young people, London, 16 Jun 2017

This one day conference featured an outstanding line-up of speakers who are world renowned practitioners, clinicians, teachers and researchers addressing mental health needs in schools and communities. Their sessions featured up to date research and practice innovation on public mental health in schools including; partnerships between schools and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) dealing …