#GoodOutcomeCYPMH, What constitutes a good outcome in child mental health? London, Jul 2017

Over the past decade, there has been a push in the UK to measure the outcomes of child and adolescent mental health services. If done well, routine outcome measurement can help improve service performance, promote shared decision making, and tailor treatment to the needs of service users and their parents. However, there is a lack of consensus about the types of change that constitute a ‘good outcome’, and an urgent need for better ways of theorising and measuring children’s mental health outcomes.

This workshop at the Royal Society of Medicine aimed to stimulate an interdisciplinary debate about what constitutes a good outcome in child and adolescent mental health by bringing together speakers from a variety of backgrounds.


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When the day job stops you getting to an event but can still get involved! Win! #GoodOutcomeCYPMH #BeyondTheRoom
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Focus on the person, not the problem #CORCforum

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