#MHQT Women’s Mental Health public discussion, London, Jul 2017

In our fourth ‘Mental Health Question Time’ event, we brought together a diverse panel of knowledgeable women to discuss whether mental health services really are taking into account the specific needs of women.

  • What are the specific mental health needs of women?
  • Are there inherent biases in how health services operate towards women and men?
  • If so, is it at the level of access, diagnosis, treatment, or other support?
  • Should sex really matter?
  • Our expert panel debated: how can mental health services deliver for women?

Impact and reach

As with previous Mental Health Question Time events, this one-hour public discussion had fantastic online reach, with 362 people participating in the Twitter conversation, sending 1.2k tweets and totalling 9.2m impressions.


Live video streaming



Violence and women’s mental health: new review summarises the evidence

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