#Tizard2017 Public mental health for children and young people, London, 16 Jun 2017

This one day conference featured an outstanding line-up of speakers who are world renowned practitioners, clinicians, teachers and researchers addressing mental health needs in schools and communities.

Their sessions featured up to date research and practice innovation on public mental health in schools including; partnerships between schools and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) dealing with mental health problems, enhancing and measuring wellbeing in children and young people, new trialling of a classroom management intervention, and ADHD interventions in schools.

Impact and reach

Vanessa and André orchestrated the live tweeting, and their combined involvement was 77% of the total activity:

  • 13.1 million Twitter impressions
  • 1,888 tweets
  • 474 participants

Not bad for a one-day event with around 150 people ‘in the room’!

Live podcast

We interviewed many of the keynote speakers and shared the conversations quickly throughout the day so that people following on social media could hear direct from the experts.

#hsconf17 Headstart Spring Conference, 27 Apr 2017

The HeadStart Spring Conference took place on 27th April at the Wolverhampton Science Park. The event saw over 200 professionals and partners from the health, education, welfare, police and voluntary sectors come together to discuss mental wellbeing, education and the promotion of resilience in young people.

We were asked to live tweet the event by working closely with the Headstart team, and also carry out a small number of podcast interviews.

Our involvement saw the usual dramatic increase in online conversation and engagement, even though this was a local event in Wolverhampton with quite a local agenda and focus.

We will be returning to Headstart events later in the year to help take them #BeyondTheRoom once again.

Live podcast

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Phone, email, tweet us now to talk about your event!

#CORCforum, London, 5 Apr 2017

The Child Outcomes Research Consortium (CORC) is part of the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families. In April 2017 they ran a small one-day event for CORC members to join with colleagues from schools, statutory and voluntary sector service providers, health, local government, and academia. Together the audience (in the room and on social media) considered how best to address the challenges of measuring outcomes in a variety of settings across child and young person mental health care.

We live tweeted and podcasted the event and as usual our involvement saw a dramatic increase in the online audience:

  • 90% of the Twitter activity came from our team
  • Using #BeyondTheRoom saw a 6-fold increase in the overall audience size

Our customer satisfaction and repeat business rates are extremely good. We’ll be involved with another event for this client this summer.

Live podcast

Phone, email, tweet us now to talk about your event!
Phone, email, tweet us now to talk about your event!