#EvidenceLive Better Evidence for Better Healthcare Oxford, 21-22 Jun 2017

EvidenceLive is the annual gathering of clinicians, researchers, policy makers and publishers who share a commitment to closing the gap between research and practice. The 2017 conference brought together an unusually varied programme of speakers including Ben Goldacre, Mary Dixon-Woods, Simon Denegri, Doug Altman and Mukesh Kapila.

The EBM manifesto aims to improve the implementation of evidence-based interventions by pulling together a clear set of achievable goals.

We were commissioned to produce an Evidence Live podcast to mark the occasion and also to run an unconference on patient stories the day before the main event.

We’ll be back at Evidence Live in 2018 with a workshop on using blogs and social media to disseminate evidence-based research.


Live podcast


Treatments and technologies matter, but patients most want to be seen as people. James Munro, Guardian, 14 Jun 2017 https://www.theguardian.com/healthcare-network/2017/jun/14/patient-stories-online-feedback-nhs